Colorado Department of Education

Instructions for the Survey

The information on this page will help you understand how this survey works, and what you should know and expect while you are taking it.

This survey is a standard question and answer form where the questions are broken up into sections, and each question is related specifically to the section that it is listed under. You will see the same question many times over, but each time it is listed it is only relevant for that section and you should answer it accordingly.

Some yes/no questions (identified by a faint orange background) will reveal additional questions based on your answer, and when you select either "yes" or "no" on those questions the new questions will "pop" into place immediately underneath the current question. You can at any time change your response to the question that toggles the additional items, and your responses to both will be saved if you should ever wish to change it again.

Some text entry questions on the survey will offer a short list of possible responses, seen in a box that appears under the entry field when it is selected. The list of suggestions is either a short list of possible answers as suggested in the question itself (e.g. central or distributed database models), or a composite list of the most popular responses given by other survey participants (e.g. vendor and product names). You are not required to select one of the suggested responses for these questions if they are not appropriate to your environment and may instead simply type in your own response.

Each section has a link at the end of it that allows you to save your progress and continue; it is not required to save each time you complete a section, however your progress will not be saved until you click one of the save links or the save button at the end of the survey. If you close your browser or navigate away from this page before you have saved your progress, all of your responses will be lost. When you do click the save and continue link, it may take a moment to collect your responses to that point and submit them, please make sure the page has finished loading before you continue. It is possible that different people per District (or LEA) will enter and respond to sections related to their particular expertise. For that reason, it is important for you to save your data often.

When you have completed the survey you may at any time return and update your responses. If you want to skip these instructions next time you enter the survey, click Continue to the Survey!