Colorado Department of Education

Colorado Department of Education District / Local Education Agency (LEA) Survey

Welcome to CDE’s district technology survey. CDE is currently working towards implementing solutions that will simplify district data reporting, provide tools for more consistent reporting processes across districts, and provide higher data integrity. To accomplish this, CDE would like to better understand the level of technology surrounding each district’s key academic and business systems. The purpose of this survey is to capture enough data from each district to provide CDE with a baseline of technology information surrounding reporting systems. From the data collected here, gaps will be analyzed and plans developed for a new concept and ultimately a more streamlined data reporting system.

IMS 104

This survey is voluntary, and is expected to take no more than 30 minutes to fill out. Once completed, results will be posted and made available to all participating districts. If you are a Special Ed Administrative Unit, we encourage you also to participate in this survey. Please enter your AU code in place of District Code, and proceed to the Special Education section.

When you open the survey, you will first be asked about your district’s technology associated with 7 key academic and business systems. The answers to those initial questions will determine the amount of additional information required (if any).

If you have any questions while completing the survey, please contact Lee Hedenkamp at

CDE may request follow-up discussions after the survey results are compiled, but those next steps will not be determined until survey results are in. If there are any further requests from CDE, you will be notified at that time.

Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this statewide effort.